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С начала войны армия РФ убила 115 украинских детей



As of the morning of March 21, 2022, 115 children have died as a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine. The number of injured children has increased - there are more than 148. Most of the victims were in Kiev region - 58, Kharkiv region - 38, Donetsk region - 29, Chernihiv region - 31, Mykolaiv region - 22, Kyiv city- 16, Zhytomyr region - 15, Kherson region - 15 and Sumy region - 14.

The data is not final, since there is no opportunity to inspect the places of shelling in the areas of active hostilities and in the temporarily occupied territories.

Victims: 115 died; 148 injured. To be clarified

Source: Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine



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