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Explosives in cars, mines on the roads lefr by RFA: residents of the Kyiv region are injured


Kyiv region

Retreating from Kyiv region, russian military left explosives in cars, tripwires in houses, unexploded shells and mines on the roads. So, a number of tragic accidents have already been recorded. In Gavron district, local residents entered a house that had not been examined by explosives experts. In the basement, the russian military left a tripwire. Three people were injured. In the Buchansky district, a team of electricians was heading through the village of Nalivaykovka. The car ran over a mine. As a result of the explosion, the driver and electrician received injuries of varying severity. Both victims are currently hospitalized.

Victims: lots of wounded

Source: Andriy Nebytov, Chief of Police of Kiev Region, photo - UNIAN



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