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Flechettes were found in the bodies of killed people in Bucha and Irpin area


Bucha and Irpin, Kyiv region

3 days before the retreat russian military fired on civilians with brutal weapons of the First World War.

Flechettes are metal arrow darts that were used during the First World War. They are contained in the shells of tanks or field guns. One of the shells can contain up to 8000 arrows.

Flechettes, usually 3 to 4 cm long, are released from the shell and spread out in a conical arch about 300 m wide and 100 m long.

Upon impact with the body of the victim, the dart can lose its rigidity, bending into a hook, and the back of the arrow, consisting of four flippers, often breaks off, causing a second wound.

Victims: numerous victims, information is being specified.

Source: The Guardian media.



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