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In the Kherson region, 9 people, including a child, were injured during the day


Kherson region

17 settlements were under enemy attacks. 6 high-rise buildings and 7 private houses were damaged. A cell tower, an agricultural enterprise, a gas pipeline and private cars were hit.

Around 4:00 p.m., the Shumensky microdistrict of Kherson came under fire. A high-rise building was damaged. 4 people were injured. A 16-year-old teenager and a 50-year-old woman were hospitalized. A 46-year-old and a 71-year-old woman were treated on the spot.

A 73-year-old resident of Antonivka was also wounded, he has a mine-explosive injury and a contusion. And a 41-year-old resident of Ivanovka suffered an explosive injury.

Victims: 9 wounded.

Source: Kherson OVA.


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