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In the liberated districts of Kharkiv and Kherson regions, graves of the dead are found every day


Kharkiv region, Kherson region

In the village of Pravdino, Kherson region, prosecutors found the bodies of seven residents, including a 16-year-old girl. There were signs of strangulation on her neck, and the men had their hands tied. Russian troops blew up the house to cover up the massacre. As of the end of November, about 80 graves were found in the liberated part of the Kherson region. Often there is more than one person in such graves. The death of all civilians occurred precisely as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

They continue to find new graves in the settlements of the Kharkiv region, de-occupied almost three months ago. In one of the last - in the village of Slobozhanskoe - they found, among other things, the bodies of a 10-year-old girl and a boy who was not even two years old. Prosecutors allege that, along with three adults, they died during a Russian air raid on March 9.

Source: media.



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