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"White Angels" and the military, under aimed enemy fire, evacuated ten people, including a child


Bakhmut, Donetsk region

The rescue operation was difficult because of the road among the mines and under fire from the occupiers.

Currently evacuated residents, including 14-year-old Alina and her parents, are safe.

The dear child was very struck by what he saw, because the rashists turned his city into ruins.

The girl says that under the bombs she, as in peacetime, was engaged in drawing and dreamed of access to the Internet.

Now Alina and her family are receiving help and recovering from the experience.

“If there is a hell, then it is in Bakhmut. On the eve of our departure, in the evening, Russian troops fired on the city with incendiary shells. We smelled a very pungent smell. I put on a mask, looked out into the street, and everything was on fire there. Thank God you are on fire. ", - says 45-year-old Stanislav, Alina's father.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine



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