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about the project

Why we've created this project

Why did we create this project?

This website was created to collect, record and disseminate information about the facts of the Russian army crimes against the Ukrainian civilians. 

On the morning of February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of a "military operation" in Ukraine. The Russian military leadership assured that nothing threatens the civilian population of Ukraine, since the goal is to disable the military infrastructure.
The falsity and meanness of these statements were revealed instantly. 
The Russian occupiers are attacking peaceful cities, residential buildings, social infrastructure – hospitals, schools, museums, cinemas with rockets, Grad rocket launchers, bombs. Moreover, they attack bases of petroleum products, and even nuclear power plants. Attacks on this objects can cause irreparable environmental damage to Ukraine and the world. Most important is that the Russian occupiers are killing peaceful Ukrainian citizens, including the elderly and children!

We are carefully collecting all these terrible facts, and they will help prepare the basis for an international military tribunal over Putin's war criminals.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov stated: "The barbaric rocket and multiple-launch rocket systems attacks on peaceful cities are evidence that they are no longer able to fight with armed Ukrainians. They are cowards that can only fight with civilians. This is a war crime. Its direct executors and organizers are doomed to bear the stigma of murderers and hide for the rest of their existence. A tribunal awaits them".

That would be fair if a special international tribunal would be established in Kharkiv.

The first trial took place in Kharkiv in 1943 and resulted in convicting the Nazis of war crimes. Now the "Kharkiv Tribunal" must pass sentence on the Kremlin followers of Hitler, who have already "surpassed" him.

How can you help?

Share a website link to your social media. Our posts can raise awareness of the invasion and force political leaders to take action.

Please consider writing messages calling on your government to supply more equipment for the defence of Ukraine and impose more rigorous economic sanctions against Russia.

Nothing will be forgotten! The criminals will be punished!

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