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  • Hospital, post office, kindergarten - Russians continue to destroy the Donetsk region

    25.11.2022 Donetsk region During the day, Russian troops shelled 17 settlements in the region. In Toretsk, the invaders got into a preschool and a hospital, damaged at least 5 houses. In Slavyansk and the de-occupied Drobyshevo, houses and a post office were damaged by S-300 strikes. In just one day, the Russians destroyed 15 civilian facilities in the Donetsk region. Inhabitants of Ugledar, Krasnogorovka and Bakhmut were wounded. Victims: 3 wounded. Source: Donetsk region police.

  • Yesterday the invaders killed 10 residents of the Kherson region

    24.11.2022 Kherson region 54 people were injured. In just a day, Russian troops shelled the region 49 times, in the affected area - residential buildings, schools and a shipyard. Victims: 10 killed, 54 wounded; Source: Kherson OVA.

  • The occupiers launched a missile strike on the suburbs of Zaporizhzhia

    25.11.2022 Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region As a result of the “arrival”, a private service station was destroyed. Fortunately, no casualties. Source: Zaporizhzhia OVA.

  • Russian terror: the people of Kiev were able to connect an inhaler for a child only at a gas station

    25.11.2022 Kyiv, Kyiv region The state-terrorist - Russia - is at war with children. In Kyiv, a family came to a gas station to plug in and use an inhaler that their little girl desperately needs. And this is not an isolated case. Source: media.

  • Houses on fire in Kherson due to Russian shelling

    25.11.2022 Kherson, Kherson region Last night, Russian troops continued massive shelling of Kherson. There were many fires in the residential sector in the city. Victims: to be confirmed. Source: local tg-channels.

  • 10 dead and 50 injured civilians - the results of yesterday's massive attack by Russia

    24.11.2022 Ukraine As a result of the Russian missile attack on the territory of Ukraine on November 23, 10 civilians were killed. 55 people were injured and injured. Only in Vyshgorod, 5 people died and about 35 were injured. Russia also destroyed 36 civilian facilities. Including 8 energy facilities, multi-storey and private residential buildings. Source: Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin, speaker of the State Emergency Service Alexander Khorunzhiy.

  • In Kherson for 4 days of shelling of the Russian Federation - 7 dead

    24.11.2022 Kherson, Kherson region From November 20 to November 23, occupiers' shells hit 45 places in the city, including a school, residential areas, and a garage cooperative. As a result of Russian strikes, 7 civilians were killed. Victims: 7 killed; Source: head of the Kherson city military administration Galina Lugovaya.

  • Another "NATO base" defeated by Russia in the Donetsk region

    24.11.2022 Toretsk, Donetsk region These photos show the results of the shelling of Toretsk, Donetsk region: an occupant's rocket destroyed the MIR kindergarten. Since the beginning of the full-scale aggression against Ukraine, the wax invaders in the Donetsk region have destroyed and damaged 682 educational institutions, including 283 kindergartens and 298 schools. Source: Donetsk OVA.

  • A resident of Vyshgorod was blown off his head - terrible details of yesterday's shelling

    24.11.2022 Vyshgorod, Kyiv region During the rocket strike of the invaders in the Kyiv region, a resident of Vyshgorod went out onto the balcony. A fragment of an exploding rocket tore off the man's head. Law enforcement officers ask all citizens not to ignore the alarms and stay in shelters at this time. Victims: 5 killed, 31 wounded (among them 6 children, the smallest injured child is 5 years old); Source: Head of the National Police of the Kyiv Region Andriy Nebytov.

  • Rashists "denazified" the child in the operating room

    24.11.2022 Kyiv, Kyiv region During a massive attack by the invaders on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine at the Kiev Heart Institute, doctors performed a complex operation on a small child. Right during the operation, due to Russian “arrivals”, the light went out in the operating room. Source: Director of the Kyiv Heart Institute Boris Todurov

  • The occupiers fired on the fire station in Bakhmut, there are wounded

    23.11.2022 Bakhmut, Donetsk region In the evening, as a result of artillery shelling of the city of Bakhmut, a shell hit the building of the 47th fire department. The personnel were not injured, but 3 civilians were injured - men born in 1986, 1979 and 1969. They were taken to the hospital. Windows were smashed in the fire department building. A fire truck was also damaged by fragments of Russian shells. Victims: 3 wounded. Source: State Emergency Service.

  • 63 civilians tortured by invaders found in Kherson region

    23.11.2022 Kherson region Law enforcers opened 436 criminal proceedings based on the results of the revealed signs of war crimes of the Russian military in the region. 11 places of illegal detention of people were found, in four of which detainees were definitely tortured. The bodies of the victims of the occupiers are being exhumed: 63 dead have been identified, but search work has just begun, and there may be much more victims. Victims: 63 killed, the data is being specified. Source: Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky; photo: Andrey Dubchak.