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  • Shelling of Kushugum: more than 50 houses were damaged, a woman was killed

    10.08.2022 Kushugum, Zaporizhzhia region The Russians shelled the village of Kushugum in the Zaporizhzhia region at night. As a result of the enemy attack, 5 houses were completely destroyed, and another 50 were damaged. Victims: 1 dead, the number of victims to be determined. Source: Secretary of Zaporizhzhіa City Council Anatoly Kurtev.

  • Tsyrkuny was under fire from Russian troops all day yesterday

    10.08.2022 Tsyrkuny, Kharkiv region The village was shelled almost continuously on August 9. Private houses and outbuildings, garages, and a shop were destroyed. Enemy shells caused 16 fires, rescuers worked in an intensified mode. A 64-year-old woman received moderate injuries and was hospitalized. Victims: 1 wounded, to be confirmed. Source: Oleg Synegubov, head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.

  • The Russians hit the residential area of Nikolaev: 3 people were injured, including a teenager

    10.08.2022 Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv region More than two dozen houses were damaged in various ways as a result of the explosions of the Russian Smerch MLRS. Several OBEs hit the roofs and exploded inside the buildings. In total, about 40 houses were damaged, and pets were killed. Citizens' property was damaged, including cars in yards. There were also hits on the territory of the enterprise, warehouses and a depot. Victims: 3 people were injured, including a 13-year-old girl. Source: Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, mayor of Mykolaiv Alexander Senkevich.

  • Russian troops attack civilians and civil infrastructure in Donbass

    10.08.2022 Donetsk region The Russians fired rockets from the S-300, Grady, and Uragany air defense systems into the residential sector, and hit them with tanks and artillery. As a result of shelling, civilians were killed and wounded. The enemy set fire to 10 settlements - the cities of Avdeevka, Bakhmut, Konstantinovka, Seversk, Ocheretino township, the villages of Novoselovka Pervaya, Kurdyumovka, Andreevka, Lastochkino, Karlovka. Housing and civil infrastructure were damaged. 47 objects were destroyed and damaged - 7 houses, a shopping center, premises of a coking plant, a railway track, metal containers, a shop, a tire fitting. Victims: number to be determined. Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  • A terrible night in Marganets

    10.08.2022 Marganets, Dnipropetrovsk region At night, the Russian army shelled Marganets and Myrovskaya communities twice, firing 80 rockets at residential areas. In Marganets, 12 people died, 11 were injured. Ten of them are in the hospital, five are in serious condition. In the city, more than 20 high-rise buildings, the National Medical Center, the Palace of Culture, a hostel, two schools, the city council building and several administrative buildings were destroyed. The power line is out of order. One woman died in Vyshetarasovka Myrovskaya hromada. Her house was completely destroyed by an enemy shell. Spouses suffered. A woman with moderate injuries is in the hospital, her husband is being treated at home. 11 private houses and a gas pipeline were damaged in the village. Victims: 13 dead, 13 wounded. Source: head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration Valentin Reznychenko.

  • These wounded elderly people are a vivid proof that Russia is a terrorist country

    09.08.2022 Donetsk region In the Donetsk region alone, rescuers delivered 8 civilians who were injured as a result of Russian shelling in Soledar, Chasov Yar, Bakhmut and Bakhmut district to medical facilities in Bakhmut and Avdeevka. Victims: 8 wounded. Source: State Security Service of the Donetsk region.

  • The Russian projectile flew straight into the house

    09.08.2022 Orekhov, Zaporizhzhia region Over the past day, the Russians fired artillery at civilian infrastructure in Orekhovo and Novoyakovlevka. Private houses and apartments are destroyed, and civilians are injured. One of the rocket shells hit a residential building. The kitchen and bathroom were destroyed, the walls and ceilings were deformed in the other rooms. Neighboring houses were also damaged by the shock wave. Victims: the number of wounded is being clarified. Source: Zaporizhia OVA.

  • Russian rockets "liberated" Kharkiv from the restaurant

    09.08.2022 Kharkiv, Kharkiv region Russian troops launched a missile attack on two districts of the city. In the Kholodnogorsk district, rockets damaged a hotel and restaurant complex and hit the territory of a non-residential building. Also, a non-residential building was damaged during the shelling of the Industrial District, and funnels with a diameter of 8 meters were formed at the site of the explosions. Initially, the shelling was carried out from the territory of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation with missiles of the S-300 type. Victims: to be clarified. Source: Kharkiv regional prosecutor's office.

  • Rashists thrashed from "Grad" on peaceful houses and on bees

    09.08.2022 Donetsk region During the day, the Russians shelled peaceful areas of the Donetsk region 27 times. Avdeevka, Bakhmut, Konstantinovka, Krasnogorovka, Soledar, Chasov Yar, Ivanovka, Ivanovskoye, Karlovka, Novoselovka Pervaya, Stary Komar, Pervomayskoye, Sands were under attack. 58 civilian objects were destroyed or damaged. Including 53 residential buildings, a school, a car wash, a point for issuing humanitarian aid, an apiary. Victims: 3 dead, 19 injured, including a child. Source: head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration Pavel Kirilenko.

  • The shelling of Mykolaiv region does not stop

    09.08.2022 Mykolaiv region At about 3 am, Russian troops fired on the village of Bereznegovatoe. Residential buildings damaged. At about 7 o'clock in the morning, Russian troops again fired on Nikolaev and the village of Limany in the Nikolaev region. The consequences are being specified. On August 8, Russian invaders attacked the outskirts of Nikolaev, fired at the settlements of Bereznegovatoe, Galitsinovo, Limany and Polyana. Residential houses, outbuildings and the administrative building were damaged. A forest burned near the village of Galitsinovo due to Russian shelling, and fields near the village of Polyana. Victims: to be confirmed. Source: head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim.