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How you can help

How can you help punish Putin?

1.  Send the facts of Putin's crimes. 
If you have facts about war crimes, please email us
In the letter, indicate clear information about the incident: date, place, number of victims, photos and videos from the scene, if possible, contacts of witnesses and other useful information. Please do not forward rumors and information already published in the media.

2.  Tell the world about Putin's crimes.
The most important thing now is to tell the people of Russia what Putin is really doing in Ukraine. Forward the information to all your friends in Russia, leave comments under the posts of bloggers, world celebrities, deputies, officials of your countries.

If you are a citizen of Russia, firstly, get acquainted yourself and understand what is happening, and secondly, send the information to your friends, as well as to officials, local deputies, journalists, families of military personnel. Comment on social media, especially under false reports that there is a “limited military operation” in Ukraine and that the civilian population is not suffering. 
Everyone must know the truth! 

Let's punish Putin's evil together!

Financial assistance
to Ukraine


NBU Opens Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance

to Ukrainians Affected by Russia’s Aggression


Kyiv humanitarian hub


Humanitarian post "Nova poshta"


Lviv humanitarian hub

Charitable Foundation "Public Hope" 

Name of the bank JSC CB "PRIVATBANK" 

Bank SWIFT code PBANUA2X  

UAH UA 473052990000026002031012518 

EUR UA 233052990000026009031017077 

USD UA 313052990000026001011029094 

PLZUA 233052990000026008031030594 


Odesa humanitarian hub

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