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Donetsk region experienced 2,677 enemy shellings per day


Donetsk region

In Pokrovsk, three high-rise buildings, an administrative building and an infrastructure object were destroyed by three S-300 missiles. In Novohrodivka, two Russian S-300 missiles damaged 3 private and 9 apartment buildings and cars.

In Selidov, an S-300 hit damaged 2 apartment buildings and an educational institution.

Artillery destroyed 2 houses in Ptashyn and 2 in Zhelany. In the Chasovoyarsk community, 11 private houses, a high-rise building and 3 commercial buildings were damaged. In Siversk, 2 houses and a non-residential building were damaged. Also, as a result of shelling, 3 houses were damaged in Vesely Gaya, 1 each in Torskyi and Mykolaivka.

Victims: no.

Source: Donetsk OVA, police of Donetsk region.


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