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Eight times a day, the Russians hit the Nikopol region. Covered with fire from "Grad"


Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk region

Three times the aggressor fired at Nikopol. In total, five men from 44 to 60 years old were injured there. Four were hospitalized in a state of moderate severity. Another one is being treated on an outpatient basis.

An industrial enterprise, 14 private houses, 13 outbuildings, and gas pipelines were damaged in the city.

The Pokrovskaya community also came under attack. A 63-year-old woman was injured. She is in the hospital. The condition is satisfactory.

The lyceum, 5 private houses, an outbuilding, a power line were damaged.

The enemy also hit the Marganetskaya and Mirovskoye bulks. A 43-year-old man was injured by the shelling of the latter.

Victims: 7 injured

Source: Head of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA Sergey Lysak


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