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In Antonivka, the Russian military attacked cars with children and volunteers with drones


Antonivka, Kherson region

On the evening of June 26, in Antonivka, the Russian military directed a drone at a civilian car. As a result of the explosion, two girls aged 12 and 15 were injured. The younger girl received an explosive injury and shrapnel injuries to her head, torso, legs and arms. Her sister has explosive and craniocerebral injuries, a contusion. 3 adults aged 38, 56 and 57, who were with the children, were also injured.

Also in Antonivka, a high-rise building and 6 private houses, a garage, a car, a tractor, a warehouse of the humanitarian headquarters and 3 cars used to deliver humanitarian aid to people came under fire. As a result of this attack, 6 men aged from 22 to 57 years were injured.

One person died and 16 were injured in Kherson Oblast in just one day due to Russian aggression. 40 civilian objects were damaged.

Victims: 1 dead, 16 wounded.

Source: police of the Kherson region.


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