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In Kharkiv, the Russians hit two children's institutions, in Vilkhivka, Novoosynov and Zagryzov they hit private houses.


Kharkiv region

In Kharkiv, the occupiers shelled the territories of two children's recreation camps. A private house and a car were also damaged. The injured woman was born in 1976.

In Vilkhivka, 10 private houses were damaged by shelling. A fire broke out in one private house. A 49-year-old woman died, a 60-year-old man was injured.

Also, 10 houses were damaged in Novoosynovo. A woman and a man were injured. In the village of Zagryzove, 8 residential buildings were damaged by artillery shelling.

In the village of Khotymlya, a Russian drone damaged a house. In Kruglyakivka, a man was injured during airstrikes.

Victims: 1 dead, 5 wounded.

Source: Oleg Synegubov, head of the Kharkiv Police Department, Kharkiv Oblast Police.



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