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In Kherson, Russians killed 1 person and wounded 11, in the region - three more wounded


Kherson region

The Russian military dropped explosives from a drone on a residential area of ​​Berislava. A 54-year-old woman received a mine-explosive injury and contusion in the yard of her own house.

In the Red Lighthouse, a 59-year-old man came under Russian fire, he received a mine-explosive injury and a shrapnel wound in his leg.

A 74-year-old woman was seriously injured in Tokarivka.

During the shelling of Kherson, a 54-year-old employee of a state institution was killed, 11 people were injured. 3 private and 2 high-rise buildings, a car were damaged.

Victims: 1 killed, 14 wounded.

Source: police of the Kherson region.



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