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One person died, nine were injured in Donetsk region as a result of Russian attacks


Donetsk region

Last day, the police recorded 2,328 Russian shellings.

Russian troops attacked 13 settlements: Kostyantynivtsi, Kurakhovo, Hirnik, Pokrovsk, Toretsk, and others.

27 civilian objects were damaged - 17 residential buildings, enterprises, administrative buildings, critical infrastructure.

A 52-year-old man died in Serhiivka as a result of an artillery strike. The Russians dropped a "KAB-500" aerial bomb on Kostyantynivka, wounding 5 residents, damaging 13 apartment buildings, an administrative building, and a transformer.

Victims: 1 killed, 9 wounded;

Source: Police of Donetsk region


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