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2 rescuers were injured during the demolition of the rubble of the shopping center in Kremenchug


Kremenchug, Poltava region

Rescuers in Kremenchug continue to dismantle the damaged structures of the Amstor shopping center, which was destroyed by a Russian missile on June 27. On the morning of June 29, during preparations for dismantling reinforced concrete slabs, one of them shifted. As a result, two employees of the State Emergency Service were injured. They were hospitalized.

As of the morning of June 29, it is known that 18 people died as a result of the missile attack, of which 1 person died in the hospital. During the analysis of the debris, 8 fragments of human bodies were found.

61 people sought medical help, 26 of them were hospitalized.

Жертвы: 18 погибших, 61 пострадавший.

Источник: ГСЧС.



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