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29 attacks on Donbas: the enemy hit with artillery, "Gradov" and "Hurricanes"


Bakhmut, Avdeevka, Soledar, Donetsk region

The Russians showed the greatest activity this night in the direction of Donetsk. On October 28, the Russians killed 3 civilians in Donbass: 2 in Kurdyumovka and 1 in Severny. Also yesterday it became known about 8 wounded. During the day, 15 settlements were shelled. The enemy covered with fire the cities of Avdeevka, Bakhmut, Soledar, Chasov Yar, the village of Bolshaya Novoselka, Severnoye, New York, the villages of Kurdyumovka, Oprosnoye, Severnoye, Lastochkino, Karlovka, Thin, Bakhmutskoye, Druzhba.

Victims: 5 killed, 8 injured

Source: National Police



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