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31 civilian objects destroyed in Donetsk region per day


Donetsk region

In addition to the tragedy in Pokrovsk, residential areas of 13 settlements of the region were under Russian shelling.

Rai-Aleksandrovka troops of the Russian Federation covered with "Grads", wounded a civilian. Destroyed 8 private houses, administrative building, cars, garage.

The Russians dropped a FAB-500 bomb on Predtechino. Destroyed 4 houses and a power line.

A school and 8 houses were damaged in the Chasovoyarsk community, 7 private houses in Uspenovka, 3 houses in Seversk, Selidovo, Pereezdny, Zvanovka and Shcherbinovka - 1 house each.

Source: head of the Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko, police of the Donetsk region.



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