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502 children died in Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation



More than 1,599 children were injured in Ukraine as a result of the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation. As of August 14, 2023, 502 children have died and more than 1,097 have been injured in varying degrees of severity. The most affected children were in Donetsk oblast - 485, Kharkiv oblast - 298, Kyiv oblast - 129, Kherson oblast - 120, Zaporizhzhya oblast - 99, Mykolaiv oblast - 97, Dnipropetrovsk oblast - 94, Chernihiv oblast - 71, Luhansk oblast - 67.

The last registered case of the death of children at the hands of the Russian occupiers was on August 13 - as a result of enemy rocket fire on the village of A one-month-old baby and an 11-year-old boy died in Shiroka Balka, Kherson district, Kherson region.

Victims: 502 children died, more than 1097 were wounded

Source: Office of the Prosecutor General



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