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78-year-old journalist Yevhenii Bal died after being tortured by russian troops


Melekyno, Donetsk region

On March 18, 78-year-old Yevnii Bal was illegally kidnapped by the Russian military from his home in the seaside Melekine village near Mariupol. His photos with the Ukrainian military were the reason for the detention. After being tortured, the man died.

Yevhenii Bal is a captain of the 1st rank, a submariner. In recent years he has been writing books. Since the beginning of the war in Donbas, he has been actively involved in helping the Ukrainian military and civilians. In 2014, he was one of those active citizens of Melekine who did not allow to raise the Russian Federation flag over the village.

Victims: 1 person died from torture.

Source: National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.



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