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9 civilians of Kherson Oblast were injured by Russian strikes


Kherson region

Kherson, Zelenivka, Stanislav, Chornobayivka, Antonivka, Bilozerka, Mykhailivka, Rakivka, Dudchany and Osokorivka were subjected to combined attacks.

In the Kherson district, 16 private and 1 multi-story building, administrative buildings, and cars were damaged.

6 police officers were injured, there is no threat to their lives.

Near Rakivka, as a result of an enemy attack using a UAV, two road workers aged 32 and 56 were injured, both of them suffered mine and explosive injuries.

As a result of artillery shelling, a 41-year-old local resident of Dudchan was injured, and his house was damaged.

In the regional center, after a series of explosions, an administrative building, a civilian car and official police cars in the Dnipro district were damaged. A high-rise building was damaged in the central coastal part of the city

Victims: 9 wounded;

Source: police of the Kherson region.



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