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A day in the Donetsk region: 6 civilians killed by Russians, 2 destroyed schools


Donetsk region

As a result of attacks by the invaders on the settlements of the region, 6 people were killed in just one day: two civilians in Ocheretin, two in Bogoyavlenka, one in Avdeevka and one in Paraskoveevka. Nine civilians were injured.

Rashists damaged 2 schools and 7 houses in Ugledar. In Toretsk, 3 residential buildings and a kindergarten were damaged. Rashists fired on the Zvanovo OTG with prohibited phosphorus ammunition.

During the day, Bakhmut, Katerinovka, Soledarskaya OTG, Torskoye, Zarechnoye, Seversk also came under shelling.

Victims: 6 killed, 9 wounded.

Source: Head of Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko



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