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A hand with manicure. The story of a victim of the genocide organized by russian troops in Bucha


Bucha, Kyiv region

In the horrifying photos from Bucha, there is a woman with a red manicure. Her name is Iryna. Back on February 23, she was a client of the make-up artist Anastasia who recognized her by her manicure. Here is what the girl remembers about Iryna:

“I immediately felt that this photo hurt me and could not understand why. Iryna came to me for makeup lessons for herself. The last one was the day before the war...

Iryna was jumping for joy because for the first time in her life she had her own cosmetics which we bought together. Every time at work she sat and practiced our lessons as diligently as no one else. Every time she came again, she told to me how her makeup was appreciated by new fans and how great she feels due to this.

She just wanted to live. How many more of my friends, clients, Bucha citizens must die for the world to come to its senses and punish russia?” Anastasia said.

Source: social networks



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