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About 300 civilians are buried in a «mass» grave in Bucha


Bucha, Kyiv region

The mayor of the liberated Bucha in the Kyiv region Anatolii Fedoruk reported that almost 300 people were buried in a mass grave.

«People were shot, killed, in the back of the head», the mayor said.

The victims were both men and women and he also saw a 14-year-old boy among the dead, the mayor said. Many of the bodies wore white armbands to show that they were unarmed.

There were cars in the city with «whole families killed: children, women, grandmothers, men», he added.

Some of the victims tried to cross the river into Ukrainian-controlled territory and were killed.

According to the mayor, it is now impossible to say how many people were killed during the hostilities with Russian troops.

Victims: nearly 300 people, information is being specified.

Source: Mayor of Bucha Anatolii Fedoruk, photos by AFP.



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