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At night, the Russians hit the energy infrastructure again: the Trypil TPP is on fire, the largest gas storage facility in Strya is damaged



On the night of April 11, Russia launched another massive attack on energy facilities. Among them, the object of the gas distribution infrastructure in the Stryi district and the electric substation in the Chervonograd district of the Lviv region were attacked. There were fires.

The Russian Federation hit Kharkiv with ballistic missiles. Problems with energy supply have worsened in the city.

In the Kyiv region, "Shahed" struck one of the largest in Ukraine - the Trypil TPP. A fire broke out (on video). The mayor of Ukrainka called on the residents to close the windows in their houses because of the harmful combustion substances in the air.

Victims: no, to be clarified.

Source: Lviv OVA, Mayor of Ukrainka Oleksandr Turenko.



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