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Atrocities in Bucha. Four more Russians identified


Bucha, Kyiv region

In early March, the invaders broke into the house and tried to threaten to obtain information about the whereabouts of Ukrainian troops. Having revealed the pro-Ukrainian position of the family, the Russian soldiers blocked people in the house. Threatening with weapons, the Russians psychologically put pressure on the family for a long time and tortured them, demanding the address of the patriots and the military in Bucha. Then, the Russians took the owner out into the yard, undressed him, threw him to the ground and kicked him. When the torture did not give the desired result, they planned to shoot the man, but he managed to escape. Then the Russians began to torture the wife: they threatened to cripple her and kill her so that she would tell where her husband was. The woman withstood torture and pressure, and in the end, the invaders left the house.

Victims: 2 people were tortured

Source: SBU


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