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Destruction in Mariupol seaport


Mariupol, Donetsk region

Mariupol seaport is one of the most important targets for the russian army. The invaders are constantly shelling the port. At the time of the invasion, 6 ships under foreign flags remained in the port which also come under fire.

On April 8, russian troops fired on the Ukrainian icebreaker "Kapitan Belousov", one crew member was killed, several more were injured.

On April 11, russian troops seized and took away in an unknown direction the crew of the vessel “Smarta” under the flag of Liberia. Among them, 18 citizens of Ukraine, 1 citizen of Egypt.

On April 13, the russians took hostage members of the crew of the “Blue Star-1” dry cargo ship under the flag of Liberia. 18 sailors, citizens of Ukraine, were taken to the temporarily occupied Donetsk.

In total, about 200 crew members of several ships blocked by the russians in the port of Mariupol can be held captive by the invaders.

Victims: information to be confirmed

Source: Mass media, Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights



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