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Donetsk region: operational situation on the morning of March 8


Donetsk region

Over the past day, the occupiers inflicted massive attacks on the residential quarters of Vugledarska, Ocheretynska, Kurakhivska, Dobropilska, Illinivska, Chasovoyarska and Toretska communities.

Thus, in Myrnograd, a civilian was injured, 12 high-rise buildings, 2 administrative buildings and 2 shops were damaged. In Novohradivka, a person was injured, 6 administrative buildings, 2 multi-apartment buildings and 31 private buildings were damaged. In Shahovo, a person was injured, 15 private houses, 3 shops and a church were damaged.

Kostyantynivka was heavily shelled: 2 people were wounded, 35 private houses, 2 high-rise buildings, an administrative building and 2 infrastructure objects were damaged.

Victims: 9 wounded;

Source: Donetsk OVA.



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