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Dozens of cultural objects were flooded due to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power


Kherson region

Only in Kherson and Nova Kakhovka, 11 architectural monuments of national and local significance, as well as 22 archaeological sites, 5 museums and 10 libraries were damaged.

In the Kherson region, 7 churches were flooded. In the Korsun Monastery, the Small Cathedral, the walls with towers, the central and western gates with baroque pediments, and the Dmitrov Church were completely flooded. In the temple in honor of the Kasperovskaya Icon of the Mother of God (Korabel district in Kherson), water also destroys the building, furniture and icons.

In the village of Tyaginka, a medieval fortress of the 14th-15th centuries was flooded - a unique archaeological monument of Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Crimean Tatar culture. In Oleshki, the house-museum of the artist Polina Raiko with unique murals went under water. In the village of Krynki, the house-museum of Ostap Vyshnya was damaged.

Source: Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.



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