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During the day, the occupiers launched 15 strikes on the civilian population in the Donetsk region


Donetsk region

17 civilian objects were damaged - 14 residential buildings, an educational institution, shops.

In particular, the Russians dropped two KAB-250 aerial bombs on the North, and also covered the village with artillery. 10 apartment buildings, an educational institution, and shops were damaged.

Russian troops hit Novobazhany with an S-300 missile - 4 private houses were destroyed.

In Selydovo, 4 rocket strikes damaged an educational institution, 2 administrative buildings, 2 enterprises, 2 high-rise buildings, and cars.

In Avdiivka, as a result of enemy shelling, 2 residents were injured.

Victims: 2 wounded.

Source: Donetsk region police.



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