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During the day, the Russians carried out 18 shelling of the border territories of Sumy region


Sumy region

70 explosions were recorded. Krasnopilsk, Yunakivsk, Khotynsk, Velikopysarivsk, Seredino-Budsk, Esmansk, Znob-Novgorodsk, Druzhbivsk communities were shelled.

Seredino-Budsk community: the enemy fired with MLRS (6 explosions) and mortars (9 explosions).

Esman community: shelling was carried out with small arms and mortars (5 explosions).

Znob-Novgorod community: mortar shelling (3 explosions) was recorded.

Druzhkiv community: 2 mines were dropped by the Russians on the territory of the community.

Velikopysarovsk community: mortar shelling (10 explosions) and AGS shelling (16 explosions) were carried out.

Krasnopil community: 4 explosive devices of the VOG type (4 explosions) and mortar shelling (10 explosions) were recorded from the UAV.

Khotyn community: there was artillery shelling (2 explosions).

Yunakiv community: mortar shelling was carried out (3 explosions).

Source: Sumy OVA


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