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Famous photojournalist Maksym Levin disappeared near Kyiv


Moshchun, Kyiv region

The last time he got in touch was on March 13 in the Vyshhorod district, where intense hostilities were going on.

Levin works as a photojournalist and documentary photographer for many Ukrainian and international media, including Reuters, BBC, TRT World, Associated Press,, Hromadske and others.

Levin, in his car, went to photograph the fighting. Then, on March 13, he left the car near Huta Mezhihirsk village and went towards Moshchun village. The last message from his phone was received at 11:23, after that he no longer got in touch and was not online. Later it was found out that in the area where Levin was going to work, intense hostilities began, during which he could be wounded or captured by the invaders.

Source: Markiian Lyseiko (Levin's colleague).



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