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Hospital, house of culture, housing - Russians wipe Donetsk region off the face of the earth


Donetsk region

In Kramatorsk, Russian missiles destroyed 15 private houses and a hospital. In Konstantinovka, 4 high-rise buildings and the Palace of Culture were destroyed, 1 person was injured.

In Bakhmut, the administrative building was damaged, 1 dead. In Vasyukovka, 2 houses were damaged by Russian shelling, in Velikaya Novoselka - 6. In Chasovoy Yar - at least 12 houses, an enterprise, an industrial zone and a gas pipeline. Several houses were destroyed in Seversky.

In just a day, the Russians destroyed 32 civilian objects - 23 residential buildings, a hospital, a city council, a cultural center, a household building, utility buildings, and cars.

Victims: 1 wounded, 1 dead.

Source: head of the Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko, police of the Donetsk region.


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