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Hostomel: At least 400 people are missing.


Hostomel, Kyiv region

Four hundred people went missing during the occupation in Hostomel, - Head of the newly created Hostomel Village Military Administration, Taras Dumenko.

"We know about people that were killed, there are prooves, photos and video records, but we still cannot find them. When there was an Internet connection, eyewitnesses could pass us this information, and now we still cannot find them".

He recalled that the Russian troops killed the village head Yurii Prylypko, volunteers Ruslan Karpenko and Ivan Zoria. Their bodies were found. The doctor's son and husband disappeared since they were taken away by the Russian military. There is a search for the body of the fire chief of the Hostomel airport.

Dumenko says that the Russians were cleaning up the traces of their atrocities.


Victims: 400 people are missing; data are being specified.

Source: Head of the Hostomel Village Military Administration, Taras Dumenko.

Photo by Reuters.



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