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Houses, a kindergarten were destroyed: the occupiers shelled the Donetsk region 20 times a day


Donetsk region

The Russian army attacked 12 settlements - Avdeevka, Bakhmut, Slavyansk, Toretsk, Soledar, Maksimilyanovka, Novoocheretovatomy, Dyleevka, Pervomaisky, Novodmitrovka. The Russians hit residential areas with rockets, artillery, MLRS "Grad" and "Hurricane". 20 civilian facilities were destroyed and damaged - 15 residential buildings, a kindergarten, utility rooms, a garden society.

At about 04:00, on August 25, the occupiers struck another blow at Slavyansk: multi-storey and private houses were destroyed.

Victims: there are dead and wounded, the data is being specified;

Source: Роlice of Donetsk region.


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