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In Donetsk region, almost 40 residential buildings and more than 20 other civilian objects were destroyed and damaged during the day


Donetsk region

In Selidov, 13 apartment buildings and 8 private buildings, administrative buildings, and an enterprise were damaged by 5 S-300 missiles.

In Toretsk, 2 multi-apartment and 8 private buildings, a shop, 5 stalls, and a car were destroyed by KAB strikes. In Stara Mykolayivka, the resettled KAB destroyed 2 private houses and damaged electricity networks.

Artillery shelling destroyed 3 houses in Kurakhivka, 2 in Halytsynivka, and 1 in Novoselivka Pershii.

Victims: no, to be clarified.

Source: Donetsk region police.



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