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In Donetsk region, the occupiers killed one civilian and injured three people


Donetsk region

The Russians inflicted 27 strikes on the civilian population of the region during the day.

Avdiyivka withstood 15 attacks, including 12 airstrikes. A 51-year-old man died, his 50-year-old wife was seriously injured. Private and apartment buildings were destroyed.

In Hirnyk, a 16-year-old teenager was injured during the shelling, 5 houses, cars, and power lines were damaged. A resident of Toretsk was also injured.

In the village of Zorya, 6 private houses, cars, and a gas pipeline were damaged by shelling. In Kurakhovo, rocket strikes destroyed 4 high-rise buildings, a kindergarten, a school, a cafe, a preventive clinic, and administrative buildings.

2 high-rise buildings were damaged in Krasnohorivka, 5 residential buildings each in Gostrom and Chasovoyarsk communities, 2 houses in Nelypivka, and a power line in New York.

Victims: 1 dead, 3 wounded.

Source: Donetsk OVA, police of Donetsk region.



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