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In Kharkiv region, 1 dead and 5 injured from russian shelling per day


Kharkiv region

In Kharkiv, Kyiv district of Kharkiv was shelled. At night there were several hits of shells in Mala Danylivka, fires broke out in 2 houses of the private sector.

In Kharkiv region in village Slatino, a 65-year-old woman died due to russian shelling. In the city of Balakliya - 1 person was injured, in Savintsy - 2 people. 2 more people were wounded in Zolochiv, Bogodukhovsky district. 1 person was injured in the village of Korobochkino in the Chuhuiv district.

Victims: 1 dead, 5 injured.

Source: Kharkiv OVA.



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