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In Novoosynovo, Kharkiv region, the occupiers fired at a cultural center and a church, wounding a pensioner


Kharkiv region

The Russians shelled Novoosynov twice from the "Hurricane". A 62-year-old man was injured. 5 private houses, a cultural center, a boiler house were damaged, and a fire broke out on the territory of the temple.

The occupiers hit Malynivka with a S-300 missile. We got into the territory of a private enterprise. Private houses were also damaged. One house each was destroyed in Vovchansk and Lukyantsi. In Starytsia, houses, a car and a tractor were damaged by shelling. There are 3 houses and a power line in Cherneshchyna.

In total, about 20 settlements in the region were under fire.

Victims: 1 wounded.

Source: Head of Kharkiv OVA Oleg Synegubov, police of Kharkiv region.



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