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In Severodonetsk, RFA fired on Azot plant, in Lysychansk - police and post office buildings


Luhansk region

On June 4, russian troops shelled Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Ustinovka, Vrubivka and Toshkivka from cannon artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. Air strikes were carried out by Ka-52 helicopters in the areas of Gorny and Mirnaya Dolina, and by Su-25 aircraft - at Ustinovka. A missile attack from the Tochka-U complex was carried out on Lisichansk.

13 houses were destroyed in Gorny. There are five in Lysichansk, as well as a Ukrposhta office and a police department building. In Severodonetsk, the premises of the workshop of the Azot plant were damaged.

Victims: to be confirmed.

Source: head of the Lugansk administration Serhiy Gaidai.


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