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In the Donetsk region, 22 civilians were wounded and one person was killed in one day


Donetsk region

During the day, 2,263 Russian strikes were recorded on 10 settlements in the region. More than 60 residential buildings, an administrative building, an enterprise, shops, cars, power lines were destroyed.

18 strikes were carried out on Toretsk, including 15 from aviation. One person was killed, 7 others were injured. 5 apartment buildings and 2 private houses, infrastructure facilities were damaged.

In Selidovo, 6 people, including two teenagers, were injured as a result of the KAB attack. 3 administrative buildings, 7 apartment buildings and 37 private buildings, 4 cars were damaged.

The Russians hit Memrik with a "UMPB D-30SN" bomb. 4 people were injured, 4 private houses, a shop, a car were damaged.

Also, 2 women were injured in New York, 1 person each in Yasenovo, Hirnyk and the village of Komar.

Victims: 1 dead, 22 wounded.

Source: Donetsk OVA, police of Donetsk region.



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