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In the Donetsk region, Russians destroyed 50 civilian objects in one day, 5 people were injured


Donetsk region

The Russian army made 31 strikes against the civilian population. 12 settlements were under fire. 20 residential buildings, a kindergarten, a lyceum, a school, a dormitory, a cultural center, a first aid station, farm buildings, garages, cars, power lines were damaged.

In the village of Bogatyr, a local resident was injured, a farm and 6 private houses were destroyed during the shelling by S-300 rockets and Smerch rocket launchers.

The occupiers hit Petropavlivka with "Iskanders" and an X-35 missile. 4 people were injured. 6 buildings, a paramedic-midwifery center, a cultural center, an outbuilding, and garages were damaged.

The Russians fired 5 S-300 missiles at Sloviansk. The educational building of the educational institution, a dormitory and a private house were destroyed. In Shakhtarskyi, three private houses were hit by the "Hurricanes". There are 7 buildings in Pleshcheivka, a high-rise building and 2 private houses in Chasovoy Yar.

Casualties: 5 wounded.

Source: Donetsk region police, Donetsk police department.


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