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In the Donetsk region, Russians killed 3 civilians and wounded 3 people


Donetsk region

One person was killed and 2 wounded as a result of enemy shelling of Chasov Yar. The Russians also killed one resident of Paraskoveivka and one resident of Novopokrovsky. A resident of Kurakhovo was wounded.

The occupiers destroyed 14 residential buildings and 7 other civilian objects in the Donetsk region in one day. 14 settlements suffered from Russian shelling. A school, a farm, a factory workshop, a power line, a gas pipeline, a garage were destroyed.

In Kramatorsk, an industrial enterprise suffered from Russian shelling. In Iverskoy, a Russian rocket hit a school. In Chasovoy Yar, 9 high-rise buildings and objects of critical infrastructure were destroyed. Private houses in Kramatorsk, Bogatyre and other settlements were also destroyed.

Victims: 3 dead, 3 wounded.

Source: head of the Donetsk OVA, Pavel Kyrilenko, police of the Donetsk region.

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