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In the Kharkiv region, due to Russian shelling, three people died and six were injured in a day


Kharkiv region

In Hlushkivka, a garage caught fire as a result of shelling by anti-aircraft guns. A woman died. 4 more women and a man were injured.

In the village of Ruska Lozova, a woman was also killed and a man was injured by a KAB strike.

In Lozivka, a fire broke out in three private houses due to shelling. A man died.

In Kupyansk, a house also burned down after shelling with an anti-aircraft missile. In Senkovo, two cars burned, the building of the village council and the club were damaged.

In Kurylivka, the KAB destroyed a house, and in Bily Kolodyaz - elevator warehouses.

Victims: 3 dead, 6 wounded.

Source: GDNS, Kharkiv OVA.


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