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In the Kharkiv region, the Russians shelled country houses, 4 people were injured


Kharkiv region

During the night and morning shelling in Kharkiv, windows were damaged in several houses. In Kupyansk, a house and a car caught fire as a result of the "Grad" anti-aircraft missile strikes, and in Borova - a shop. Also in Borova, the building of the pharmacy was damaged and the windows of the hospital were blown out.

Last day in Bobrivka, 3 houses in the garden association were damaged by the strikes of the KAB, 4 people were injured. 3 houses each were damaged in Vilshany and Lyubotyn. In Odnorobivka, an S-300 hit damaged an educational institution building and a power line, in Druzhelyubivka - a residential building.

In Kharkiv, the premises of an enterprise and a kindergarten were damaged by three anti-aircraft fire strikes.

Victims: 4 wounded.

Source: Police of the Kharkiv region, Kharkiv OVA.



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