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In the Kherson region, about 15 settlements were damaged by Russian attacks, 3 people were injured


Kherson region

In Mykhailivka, an administrative building and a private house were damaged by a drone strike. There is a police car in Zmiivka. As a result of shelling, an apartment building was destroyed in Tyaginka, two private houses in Bilozerka, and a heating pipe in the Kherson district.

At night, the Russian military shelled Kherson with artillery. In the Dnipro district, three high-rise buildings and two private houses, a gas pipeline were damaged. Two women, aged 41 and 48, including a police officer, suffered blast injuries and injuries to their limbs. A 65-year-old man has facial injuries.

Two high-rise buildings were damaged in the Korabel neighborhood. The "HBK-Tavriyskyi" overpass has been destroyed, it is now impossible to pass through it.

Victims: 3 wounded.

Source: Kherson OVA, police of Kherson region.


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