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In the Kherson region, the Russians destroyed three more children's institutions within a day, and injured two civilian men


Kherson region

On June 25, shelling damaged an educational institution and 2 high-rise buildings in Kherson and in the Dnipro district. 51-year-old and 72-year-old men were injured - they have brain injuries, contusions and shrapnel injuries.

At night, the Russians shelled the coastal zone of Kherson's Naval district with artillery, another high-rise building was damaged.

In Antonivka, an educational institution and a kindergarten were damaged by artillery fire.

In total, 14 settlements of the region were hit by the Russian army. 24 civilian objects were damaged: 3 apartment buildings and 9 private houses, 2 educational institutions, a kindergarten, 3 cars, 2 garages and 4 farm buildings.

Victims: 2 wounded.

Source: police of the Kherson region.



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