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Izyum executioners: The names of the military RF involved in the killings have been established


Izyum, Kharkiv region

Eight Russian servicemen of the 856th self-propelled artillery regiment from the Bryansk region of Russia may be involved in murders and torture in the Kharkov region.

Among them: Maxim Shlykov - major, division commander from Tatarstan, two captains: 33-year-old Georgy Safiyev (commander of an artillery battery, originally from Yekaterinburg) and 31-year-old Tagir Gadzhikurbanov (deputy commander of the division), 31-year-old Rustam Mukhambetov - commander of a self-propelled artillery platoon (originally from the Saratov region), 27-year-old lieutenant Mikhail Dronyakin (born in Karachev, Bryansk region), 27-year-old Nikolai Panfilyuk (from the village of Roskoshnoye, Dzhankoy district of Crimea - drives a combat vehicle). Also, 29-year-old Alexander Azarenka serves in the regiment (commander of a combat vehicle from the Bryansk region) and 26-year-old Nikita Pilyukshin, a sergeant and commander of a combat vehicle - their participation in hostilities in Ukraine is in question.

Source: media

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