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Mariupol citizen Dmytro Yurin escaped from the besieged city: he swam 4 kilometres by sea


Mariupol, Donetsk region

He swam about four kilometres and left in a neighbouring village.

"I saw bodies and body parts. I pulled out one woman, then a girl, then a boy. All of them were wounded. The boy's legs didn't move. He was shouting. My hands were trembling. I was covered in blood," - Dmytro Yurin says.

After that, he returned to the bomb shelter and decided that he needed to flee the city. So the man put on his fishing pants and found four empty five-litre bottles, which he tied around himself. He went to the beach in the evening, walked along it for a while, and then dived into the water.

Yurin swam for almost 2.5 hours - during that time, he covered 4 kilometres. After that, Dmytro went ashore in Melekine village. There he was sheltered by a family of pensioners who fed him. The next day, he was able to get into a minibus going to the occupied Berdiansk, and from there, he was evacuated to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Source: The Guardian.



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