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More than 50 people were killed in Trostyanets united territorial community by RFA


Trostyanets united territorial community, Sumy region

From the first day of the war, russian military personnel, using means prohibited by international law, fired from heavy artillery and dropped bombs on the settlements of Trostyanets united territorial community.

Some villages and towns were occupied for a long time by the russian military who lived in the homes of civilians.

The invaders robbed houses, medical institutions, educational institutions, etc., stole vehicles. Residents were taken prisoner, tortured, unarmed pensioners were shot right on the streets.

Hundreds of houses were destroyed to the ground, many houses were damaged, critical infrastructure facilities and architectural monuments were destroyed.

According to preliminary data, the russians killed 49 civilians 3 of whom were tortured and 2 children - 13-year-old Yaroslav and 14-year-old Maksym.

Victims: 51 people, including two children. Data is being specified

Source: Sumy Regional Prosecutor's Office



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